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About InspireHUB 

InspireHUB Technologies offers custom-branded, enterprise-grade progressive web apps that provide a suite of tools to increase engagement for all audiences (using unlimited content channels) on mobile and tablet devices.

InspireHUB Technologies is the creator of the IHUBApp (A Thousand Apps in One™). The IHUBApp leverages the latest in Progressive Web App Technology and delivers an exceptional engagement experience (powered by UNLIMITED content channels) for a fraction of the cost of native apps.

Established in 2013, InspireHUB Technologies began building a web-based enterprise grade platform based on market analysis that showed the move towards mobile dominance and the eventual transition to browser-based technologies on phones as it happened with computers years earlier. Today, we now refer to this technology as Progressive Web Apps.

Through 2014 and 2015, InspireHUB enjoyed a number of successful betas with charities and churches. The highlight of 2015 was our technology being selected by Special Olympics International for use in their Unified Relay Across America event.

InspireHUB Technologies made history in August 2016 by launching the first Progressive Web App to be used by a municipality in North America.

The IHUBApp platform is available directly to customers via www.inspirehub.com and allows them the ability to instantly create a Progressive Web App. It is also available to be white-labelled by agencies who wish to enter into an agreement with InspireHUB and provide the technology through to their customers under their own brand.

As a technology company seeking to make good friends, we strive to offer superior technical service and support to our platform. From time to time, we also receive requests from clients using our technology for marketing consulting. When this happens, we help to match our client with one of our trusted Engagement Providers (agency partners) who have shown leadership in the client’s industry vertical. The IHUBApp is an enterprise-grade scalable platform that is currently available in the US, Canada and Australia. 



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