Note:  As of December 20, 2017 Apple has softened their wording around their allowance of templated-app-services but is maintaining their stance on their decision to evolve their app store. This includes heavy restrictions on what it will take to get your app approved through those services here. You can read that here OR you can just use the IHUBApp that uses Progressive Web App technology and have the confidence of launching a solution for your small business that will work on all devices!

"The IHUBApp is a Game Changer!"
 - Mayor Gary McNamara, President Association of Municipalities of Ontario

ihubappfamilyofphones.pngThe IHUBApp is a powerful game-changing technology that is being used by forward-thinking organizations to transform how they engage with their many different audiences. 

You create the types of topic channels you need for comunication, decide if they are public or private, and then begin.  We give you a powerful suite of engagements tools that allows you to simply engage. 

How simple?  How about being able to instantly publish content to your entire IHUBApp simply by sending an email from your inbox!

Never lose a communication, ever.

The IHUBApp is a revolutionary communication tool that lets you create, curate, and collaborate without leaving your inbox.  The IHUBApp gives your organization a centralized hub for all your many audiences both external and internal. By pre-defining your various communication channels, your audience can easily join and follow the channels that are of interest to them. When you create your messages (from your inbox) you can then curate them (via an email address) into the appropriate channels.

The IHUBApp is an all-in-one communications collaboration tool powered by the latest in Progressive Web App technology that ensures your audience never misses an important message ever again. Using the IHUBApp you can easily track views, curate your content,and  collaborate with your audience more effectively which is proven to increase engagement.



Email. Reinvented.

For organizations of all sizes, email still remains their predominant communication engine. Attempts to “replace” email with other solutions have failed. Yet, professionals around the world remain frustrated by the inefficiency of email chains, the dilemma of not knowing if your audience is genuinely missing your messages or simply ignoring them, and the stress of trying to increase engagement for both commercial and compliance purposes.

One of the main frustrations in email is the time wasted trying to find information that you know you have previously read.  How often have you heard your own staff say "Can you resend me that email? I can't find it."

According to Carleton University researchers, people now spend one-third of their time at the office reading and answering emails. 

Another study released earlier this year by The Radicati Group says the average office worker receives 121 emails daily, almost 50 per cent of which is spam.

To keep up with all this, the average person is checking their email 15 times a day.