How would we describe the IHUBApp if it were a wine?

A delicious intellectually satisfying technology with a refined dashboard that includes a full bodied suite of features and has a smooth finish.


The Cooper's Hawk Vineyards Story

Tom O'Brien is the founder of Cooper's Hawk Vineyards and knows first-hand the challenges of turning the dream of a winery into the reality of a profitable business.

As the Past President of EPIC (Essex Pelee Island Coast Winegrowers Association), Chairman of the Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation and the Vice-Chair of the Winery and Growers Alliance of Ontario he is passionately committed to helping other wineries achieve their dreams.

Tom and his business partners were looking for a solution that would allow his staff the ability to simplify ALL their engagement needs.  This included being able to :

  • Sync all of their online digital activities into an easy to manage hub.
  • Easily update and communicate winery events, activities, and promotions to visitors.
  • Streamline and organize all their internal communications.
  • Do ALL of these activities without having to pay expensive fees from an outside agency or technical provider.