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Grow your ministry and engage your tribe with the simplest app building tool in the marketplace! The IHUBApp.


"For a Church it really comes down to creating moments of connection in a way that make sense for each individual." - Pastor Andrew Bryant, Lifepointe Baptist Church.

Whether your ministry already has experience with an app or you are just thinking about getting one, you will want to take a close look at the IHUBApp and what it can do for your ministry! 

  • Your church community changes and your app should change with it! View Pricing Now.
    The IHUBApp allows you to create UNLIMITED channels for all the various needs within your ministry.  Create public channels for events, ministries, and programs.  Create private channels for small groups, prayer teams, and staff planning. There is no limit to how you can use this tool!

  • So simple that ANYONE can use it!
    What would happen if you could empower every one of your trusted team to instantly update communications? The IHUBApp is SO simple to use that you can instantly remove bottlenecks and increase your reach.

  • Get everyone on to the same page.
    The IHUBApp acts as your central point of activity for your busy ministry.  It allows you to create content but also to link and launch your other web-based tools that you have already invested in for your Church.

The IHUBApp is a game-changer that will meet the growing ministry needs of your Church while it also helps save time and money.  Interested in learning more? Contact Us today to learn more!

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About Engage Media & InspireHUB 

InspireHUB Technologies and Engage Media Partners are proud to bring one of the most affordable app technologies to those who work in ministry that also happens to use the latest in cutting-edge app technology.

Has your Church had an app yet? How has that experience been? Maybe you are still wondering where to start to create a great experience for your staff and your congregation through mobile.

WHY? Always a good place to start is answering this question. If you look around you will see that pretty much everyone in your church over the age of 13 has a mobile phone, and we are always on it. The one thing missing from your congregation’s mobile life is your Church.

The IHUBApp is here, the first Progressive Web App built to serve Churches. All those things you need to engage people in your ministry are in the IHUBapp, but that is just the beginning. 

The IHUBApp is designed to also leverage ALL your existing ministry tools too! You can easily launch any number of ministry and giving tools through the IHUBApp.

The IHUBApp is not for everyone. 
There is no silver-bullet tool that will work without some level effort. It certainly does a lot but it also requires attention to make it work right. We want to invite you to take a look, we will talk it over and let you know if you are ready or need to think about it some more.

The IHUBApp pricing is one simple monthly flat fee, that takes no percentage of your giving.  Event management, unlimited channels, news and information you control through a world-class app dashboard your entire staff can use.

Start Engaging Your Tribe with the IHUBApp Today!