Discover the IHUBApp for Your Company

There's nothing small about your small business!

The IHUBApp helps you SIMPLY organize and sync all your various online digital activities into one easy-to-use hub.


Everyday you have to find a way to engage many different audiences from:

  • your staff,
  • to your suppliers and vendors,
  • and of course your clients!

We are a HUB that SYNCS everything to one spot for easy engagement including your social feeds and content like videos, files, and messages.

Our UNLIMITED content channels have been called a “game changer” because they help you get ORGANIZED by allowing you to build channels that fit your needs, and tailor them directly to your audience. All of this is possible due to the latest in progressive web app technology - meaning your IHUBApp works everywhere.

What do some of our clients have to say?

"In the first month the IHUBApp saved me 40 hours of work and helped my organization reach a new audience. I spent years trying different tools and I finally found something that works!"
Rachel Starkey - Business Owner & Charity Founder 

"Our team was attracted to the simplicity of the IHUBApp and how it put the power of communicating online back into our hands. The flexibility of the tool has allowed us to use it as our website, our app, and our internal employee portal. It's an affordable solution that has impressed our entire staff and provided us with a sophisticated way to engage our visitors."
Tom O'Brien - Owner, Cooper's Hawk Vineyards

"The IHUBApp is a game changer!"
- Mayor Gary McNamara Town of Tecumseh, President Association of Municipalities of Ontario

“We use the tool to notify our Church of volunteer opportunities, to share inspiring videos, to share the latest worship songs, to raise funds for our mission trips, and to keep everyone in the loop.”
Phil Greensbury - Senior Pastor of Lifepointe


What can the IHUBApp do for you?

Promote, communicate, and engage with your winery visitors.
    • Sales Promotions: Instantly notify various channels important promotions and product details.
    • Visitor Uploads:  Have your client upload images of their experience with your business directly through your app.
    • Product Reviews: Create a channel to capture all the reviews of your product into one central place.
    • Tools Centralization: Whether it is your cloud-based Wine Management System, a reservations system, or your online accounting software - the IHUBApp allows you to bring all your tools into one spot for ease of launch and use.
    • ...and more! 

    Organize your entire team! 
    • Corporate Communications: Create channels for the CEO, Departments, or Everyone in your company that allows them to easily sort and find messaging that is pertinent to them.
    • Training: You can create specific training channels for specific locations of your company (departments, geography or product) to ensure that all your staff are up to speed.
    • Manage Meetings: Create a channel for standing meetings, post agendas, receive questions, and collect minutes.
    • Knowledge Base: Create a product channel for frequently asked questions are captured with answers for future reference.
    • Promote Products: Create private VIP channels  to promote and communicate your latest product news.
    • Product Catalogue: Create channels by product lines to create an online catalogue.
    • In-Field Use: Have your suppliers, vendors, and clients upload their own images and stories of your product being enjoyed.