Discover the IHUBApp for Your Team

Manage your time, raise funds, and focus on your plays!
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    Unlimited Channels: Public & private channels for any topic, group or project that you can think of means that you can have ONE app for all your audiences. You don't need a separate app for coaches, players, parents and fans. It's all in one HUB, providing a unique experience based on how each audience subscribes!

  • Planning & Communication: The power of our unlimited channel management allows you to use the IHUBApp all year long to coordinate and communicate with your staff, team, players and fans.

    Sell Tickets: Easily manage your tickets (Free, Paid, RSVP) and make them public or private. 

  • Event Engagement: Poll your fans to vote on the play of the game, have fans upload their images and videos from the game, have players promote their personal highlight reels, and much more! "It's raining! Should we a) cancel or b) set up a mud slide?"  

    Event Promotion: Our SocialHUB provides real-time chronological posts from ALL your social media channels to easily view in one stream. Our SocialShare allows everyone to share out the IHUBApp happening to their networks. PLUS: your advertisers and sponsors will love the ability to get in on the action by sharing their own posts, images and videos!

  • Fundraising: The Donate feature allows you to raise funds for the specific needs of your team and to see when you have met your goal.
  • The IHUBApp is truly YOUR HUB.