Can the IHUBApp do ALL that? Yes!

The IHUBApp provides you with a suite of tools you'll love to use for the people you need to engage. The unique channel subscription system simplifies your organization’s communication needs by allowing teams, groups, or communities to easily join and follow either public or private channels of topics that are of interest to them, and is delivered via a mobile app powered by Progressive Web App Technology. 

Public channels are open for anyone to join. Private channels provide the option to promote and invite requests to join from the public, or alternatively, the channel may be hidden (only appearing in the IHUBApp when a member is added).

What can the IHUBApp do?

Unlimited Content
Subscription Channels
*Available in US Only
In-App RSVP Automated Homepage Curation
Volunteer Requests Real-Time Polls & Surveys Free and Paid Tickets Customized integration
with existing systems.
Real-Time Stats Real-Time Stats Email Confirmations Enterprise-Grade & Scalable
Social Hub & Promotion Instant Message Center Easy Payment Processing
that is PCI Compliant
Easy to Update by
Non-Techy Admins
Audience Engagement with
News & Stories
Instant Payments Sell & Promote Sponsors Hosting
Automated Newsletter Digest Instant Push Notifications
*Using Chrome Browser
Collect Donations Channel Level Permissions
*Coming Soon
User Uploads Live Streaming Online Forms Mutli-Level Permissions
Private Content (Login Required)   Moderated Comments File Management



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